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Go Behind the Scenes of IoT

Kippino: a Slack bot that tracks your company KPIs

Kippino is a Slack bot that will periodically collect metrics from your team mates and stores them in a shared Google Spreadsheet. From there you can build dashboards, analyze trends and trigger alerts. Using Kippino is a very simple and effective way to start being a data-driven organization.

A dive into Akka Streams

On May 14th, we presented the implementation of a real-world application based on Akka Streams at Scala Italy 2016 conference. The experience was amazing and, most important, it gave us the chance to share our knowledge with the community. Now, we want to share our work even with you.

Delivering effective analytics using Slack and Ruby on Rails

Nowadays, Slack is becoming a central communication bus for companies spread all around the world - a place where every important piece of information gets posted by teammates and by automatic services that build up the internal infrastructure. In this post, you will discover how we've implemented a Slack notification system that gave a life and a personality to our analytics platform.

We are Measurence

We’d like to welcome everyone to our new engineering blog. Measurence is a software company and engineers are its lifeblood. As engineers, we build, ship and run complex services that are integral part of our analytics platform. Here,
we will share both our experiences and our latest discoveries with you.